The Evolution of Garage Busters

The Evolution of Garage Busters

GBOldHome NewGBHomeWhen I met Phil Parks with Garage Busters, I was instantly impressed. He has charisma and believes whole-heartedly in his business. I coveted the installations as he took me on a local tour of recent projects. His materials are state-of-the-art and the process is pure organization. The garage components are modular and everything has it’s place.

In reviewing his current website, it was obvious what was missing—Phil Park’s personality. I needed to help Garage Busters move their business forward with a current design to connect with a whole new set of customers.

The new site showcases a pristine pallet with textures found in the garage materials. There is an easy top navigation and a mobile-friendly experience. We wanted to position Garage Busters as a leader in the local market based on quality and expertise. I highlight testimonials in the footer on every page utilizing his very loyal customer base.






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